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Your gateway into the world of endless asset potential

Our Mission

We break barriers to fun gaming experiences for all people of all ages

We’ve set our goals to achieve this mission by:
Objective 1


Sustain the MetaFam, forever!
Objective 2


Build and design a universally recognized household IP
Objective 3


Develop world class, FUN games for all to enjoy!
Positive Energy

Our Core Values

The success of any mission all starts with who is building the vision, the values they have, their capabilities, who they listen to, and their incentives. We want everyone to #ChooseYourMeta, and we believe fostering a global community with these values from the onset is the key to trailblazing our path forward.


MetaFam First: We intentionally include

We recognize and respect that the backgrounds, experiences, and identities of others are as important as our own and foster a safe and inclusive space for everybody in our MetaFam community to bring their whole selves to engage.

Dream Big

Dream big, work hard, and have fun!

Much of the fun we have in our work lies in innovating and developing new ways to do things. We oftentimes imagine possibilities that don't exist — yet! With hard work, we bring concepts, characters, tools, and technology into reality for everyone to enjoy.


Integrity: Be honest, be accountable

We will always lay out all of the information we can, and be honest about our views. We will always demonstrate and uphold high integrity as we execute on our broader vision.

Growth Mindset

Beginner & Growth Mindset - always. No exceptions

There is something to learn from every situation. We all have a lot to learn from each other. Mistakes will be made, and the true show of one's character is to lean into taking ownership, learning from them, and moving forward more positively for the betterment of all. We believe in always learning and growing at every stage in life. We believe in seeking to understand all perspectives before forming our own. We pride ourselves on our intentionality in learning and the ability to do our own research very thoroughly.