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Embark on an epic adventure in the sky with MetaFriends Blast! 🚀 Master the thrilling art of launching adorable characters from cannon to cannon and compete with friends and family to become extraordinary!
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What is MetaFriends?

MetaFriends takes gaming to a whole new level by combining the nostalgia of pixel art with fun games you'll love! Explore our worlds filled with wonders, treasures, and secrets waiting to be discovered. Don't miss out on the next thing in the Metaverse! What are you waiting for? Join the MetaFam today by playing our games and engaging in our Discord, and discover the ultimate community gaming experiences!

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Discover a world beyond your imagination with MetaFriends Collectibles, the ultimate gateway to our Universe. As a collector, truly own a piece of our Universe, play as your MetaFriends characters, gain membership in our world, and have full ownership rights and exclusive access to our experiences - now and into the future.

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We do not promise dividends, voting rights, or equity for purchasing or owning our NFTs. The MetaFriends team reserves the rights to modify our roadmap and strategy based on market conditions and opportunity. If we do, our holders will be made aware of any changes via this website, our Discord, and Twitter.

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